GoldBlackWhite is an online portal featuring the best in travel, lifestyle, business & exhibitions across the UK, Germany, the United Arab Emirates and beyond.  Maliha presents personal reviews and recommendations, covering areas that are new, established or simply hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

In this busy marketplace, many choices are available to consumers and those in the corporate world.  Maliha’s vast experience in the events and exhibitions sector has enabled her to observe trading between thousands of buyers and sellers in real time.  What attracts us to certain brands, what drives our purchasing decisions & why do we become loyal customers?

Maliha highlights select brands, events, products and places she genuinely appreciates for the positive experience they create and offer; as such, positive attributes are promoted.  This is the foundation of each post, including any sponsored post or special feature offering reader promotions, competitions and giveaways: appropriate labels are attached to any posts within these categories.

From time to time GoldBlackWhite features interviews with leading experts within their fields who provide insights on subject matters that serve the interests of the majority of our readers.  A dedicated section, ‘2 HOURS?’, focuses on places to visit and things to do that you can manage in 2 hours – in the UK, Germany or the UAE.  Ultimately, GoldBlackWhite seeks to fulfil its aim: to provide useful information benefiting a diverse community of Ladies and Gentlemen who seek the unique and the best out of life.