BRABUS Middle East

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It is always a joy to discover the latest cars and learn of new developments in the motor world at one of my favourite events, the Dubai Motor Show, held biannually at Dubai World Trade Centre.  When taking in the exciting atmosphere, I was delighted to spot BRABUS amongst the superbrands.

There was an air of understated elegance on the supersleek stand design, reflecting true class in its style.  The fine details set the ambience and created a magnificent stage for the glitzy-looking Mercedes complete with polished mega engines so grand it set me racing to the BRABUS Middle East Headquarters to find out more.

I was welcomed by Talal Al Jarem from BRABUS at its recently launched Dubai showroom and tuning centre, the equivalent of car heaven.   A selection of Mercedes supercars and even limited edition Smart cars all sporting BRABUS under one roof were all for my taking – that is, of photographs.  Talal explained how BRABUS, a top-quality German brand that has built a solid reputation over the last 35 years, has attracted a niche customer base both here and in the region in which it operates.

BRABUS focuses on Mercedes (and you can buy through them) and the full customisation of interiors as well as body is sensational – premium materials in all sense of the word, and work managed by inhouse German experts.  It was probably ‘just another day’ at the workshop when I took a glimpse in a blacked-out van you’d never guess was a luxury cinema for 2, complete with coffee-maker, welcoming you by name as the door slides open.  I wonder if there was space for the safe which retails at 265,000 Euros and can store and adjust upto 12 automatic watches, or in fact be designed to meet your individual preferences.

Imagination has no limits at Brabus and engine power is the name of their game.  Time for tuning indeed.

*Images courtesy of BRABUS Middle East

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