Ayla Hotel Al Ain

Ayla Hotel • Al Ain, UAE

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Ayla Hotel Al Ain

Ayla Hotel is one of the latest hotels in Al Ain city and since its opening has been busy on a consistent basis.  Driven by curiosity and deciding it was time to visit Al Ain again, I embarked on my journey to the heart of the Garden City.

Ayla Hotel location

Al Ain is located in the emirate of Abu Dhabi in the UAE and is only 1.5 hours from both the capital, Abu Dhabi, as well as the emirate of Dubai.  A major benefit of staying at Ayla Hotel is its easy access to the main roads leading towards Abu Dhabi as well as Dubai (see location map).

En route from Dubai, it’s only about 15 minutes from the moment road signs indicate Al Ain Hospital, which neighbours the city hotel.  True to its location, touches of Arabia can be expected within the luxury 4* hotel, whose steel facade is recognisable from a distance.

Arriving in time for lunch, it’s business as usual: Ayla Hotel’s 153 rooms have been fully booked, although there is no sign of rush.

Ayla Restaurant & Tamra Cafe

Near the hotel lobby, Ayla Restaurant is the sole restaurant in the hotel, serving breakfast, international lunch buffets and themed dinner buffets.

A pianist plays in the afternoon by Tamra Cafe, where exotic teas can be enjoyed as part of a full menu, and in the evening adds to the elegant ambience of Ayla Restaurant.

Ayla Hotel Al Ain Restaurant 1

Ayla Hotel room, gym & business facilities

My spacious room felt homely, and by sunset a tier of Arabic sweets, fruit juices and snacks were presented.  The floor-to-ceiling windows revealed the city at night, while the flatscreen TV could be adjusted to watch from the comfort of armchairs at one end of the room.  A workdesk at the other end provided ample space and as I discovered later, the high-quality furniture is made locally in Al Ain.

The spa and fitness centre, complete with indoor swimming pool, is also an option for those wishing to take time out of work or wind down.  Several massage treatments are available and conducted by inhouse Thai therapists.  Those resuming work can benefit from the business centre and avail of the secretarial services offered.

The hotel is attached to a compact shopping centre that houses a well-stocked supermarket as well as separate salons for ladies and gentlemen.  A book shop supplying stationery and all sorts of interesting items also comprises its own printing department in case required for business visitors.

Event & meeting venues

Given its accessibility from the main motorways and proximity to government offices, Ayla Hotel is a great base from which to conduct business.

Contact Ayla Hotel

Visitors to Al Ain hoping to secure a room at Ayla Hotel or make other enquiries can establish contact via the official website.

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