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Happy 4th Birthday, Illamasqua!

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Illamasqua makeup Selfridges

What is your most recent make-up purchase from Illamasqua?  My magical journey with Illamasqua began at their Selfridges counter in London soon after its launch, just 4 years ago this month.  A benefit of Illamasqua products is their high pigment and my powder blusher in the photo lasts all day.

Illamasqua deserves its huge success for many significant reasons.  The extensive product range in unique shades offer, as per their slogan, ‘Make up for the alter ego’.  The branding based on black and white is a dramatic contrast to the rich colours that form the make-up palette and further symbolises the powerful vision that anyone can be anything they desire or imagine with Illamasqua.

I have great respect for companies that practise what they preach.  In one of their collections, ‘Generation Q’, Illamasqua positively influences society by breaking down barriers, encouraging the older generation with the campaign message ‘Beauty has no age limits’.

They are consistent in showing that they truly care.  Each representative in my experience shares this quality by offering full personal attention when requested, at the same time creating a fun ambience in which browsing is encouraged.  To me, this signals Illamasqua respects its customers’ individuality – and their products make me feel great.

Many fans share their stories of inspiration on Illamasqua’s Facebook page and Twitter account and I am glad to share mine too.

Illamasqua make-up is available on their website and also at Selfridges here.


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