Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain Zoo

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Al Ain Zoo

A trip to Al Ain Zoo is a fun day out for family and friends on a visit to Al Ain, also known as the ‘Garden City’, located within the largest Emirate of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi.

Just one and a half hours from Dubai, the route to Al Ain is both an easy and scenic drive along a relatively straight road, conveniently lined with several food outlets and petrol stations in both directions.

For me, a visit to Al Ain is an adventure that begins as I set off on each trip, marked with the anticipation of spotting camels that wander across gently sloping red sand dunes.  The desert landscape is striking as mountains emerge on approach to the city.

From the city centre, signage is clearly visible and directs visitors to Al Ain Zoo (click map).  Especially charming are the location and green grounds of Al Ain Zoo at the base of Jebel Hafeet, the natural environment providing an authentic outdoor experience.

A visit to Al Ain Zoo is one of my top recommendations for activities in Al Ain and in the UAE.  It is also a travel idea within this website’s ‘2 hours guide’ – this was sufficient time for my last visit, which comprised of a leisurely stroll through the zoo, although a zoo shuttle is also available.  I managed to observe the large collection of animals within this time, most of which I spent admiring the magnificent and rare white lions of South Africa in action.

Those with more time can enjoy the zoo events and children’s activities on offer throughout the day.  Giraffe feeding and the bird show are just some examples of special experiences at Al Ain Zoo.

Visit Al Ain Zoo official website for timings, directions from Dubai/Abu Dhabi, photos, ticket prices, contact details, facilities, other services and associated costs.
Other top tips when visiting Al Ain Zoo:
  • Do take at least a jumper or woolly shawl if you are in Al Ain Zoo past sunset in the winter.
  • If you’d like a bite to eat at the end of your visit to Al Ain Zoo, I suggest a stop at Jebel Hafeet, a tourist attraction about 5-10 minutes drive from the zoo.  There are several restaurants and picnic areas dotted around the base of the mountain (Green Mubazarrah), popular for its hot mountain springs and particularly enjoyable in the cool winter breeze.
  • Al Ain Zoo is one and a half hours from the Abu Dhabi capital.

 *Images courtesy of Al Ain Zoo

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