Jebel Hafeet Hot Springs

Jebel Hafeet Hot Springs

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Jebel Hafeet Hot Springs

Jebel Hafeet Hot Springs, Al Ain, UAE: This has become my favourite attraction at Jebel Hafeet mountain lately.

The drive to Al Ain from Dubai solely to experience its rejuvenating effects are certainly worth the 1.5 hour trip in my case: I enjoy the journey and the destination.

The hot water springs are located at the base of Jebel Hafeet in the park area known as Green Mubazzarah, only 10 minutes drive from Al Ain Zoo (see Al Ain Zoo review and location map).

Hot Springs Green Mubazzarah Al Ain

I have always wondered what draws people to gather along this stream of hot springs.  Once I dipped my feet into it I can see – and feel – why it is so popular and why there are smiles all around.

The hot springs that gush from Jebel Hafeet are known for their therapeutic qualities.

I find the effect refreshing and energising, especially within the natural outdoor environment and the soothing contrast between the warmth of the water and coolness in the mountain air.

Jebel Hafeet At Night - Hot Springs


Top tips to help you enjoy your time at Jebel Hafeet Hot Springs:

• Arrive after sunset if you wish to avoid the sun and take a jumper along for cool winter nights
• Bring a soft cushion to sit on the rocky boundary of the hot springs for added comfort, as well as a towel to dry your feet
• This Jebel Hafeet Hot Springs review is in the travel section under ‘2 Hours Guide’ as this timeframe was sufficient for me to enjoy the hot springs, take photographs, have a quick dinner and walk around the area
• Give yourself extra time to enjoy the indoor thermal baths at Green Mubazzarah that feature water from the hot springs. These are separate for men and women; entrance costs Dhs. 10
• The water is probably too hot to enjoy during summer.  At the time of this review in January the hot springs are not at all hot but warm and pleasant
• Jebel Hafeet Hot Springs access is free

Hotels in Al Ain Jebel Hafeet area:

Ain Al Fayda Hotel_ Al Ain Resort_Jebel Hafeet_Superior Room
Hotel in Al Ain by Jebel Hafeet mountain Ain Al Fayda area.
‘Ain Al Faida – One to One Hotel & Resort’


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9 thoughts on “Jebel Hafeet Hot Springs”

    1. Hi,
      It is a public area with no entry cost and accessible daily: 24 hrs, to the best of my knowledge.
      The spring is along the base of the mountain.
      Do come back and share your experience!

  1. You should be carefull while step down to the spring, it is very slippery and I had a nasty fall. I would suggest to put a warning sign for people who is new to the place

  2. The hot springs at the base of Jabal Hafeet are so far, for me, the best of Al Ain, and it is highly recommended to dip your feet in the warm spring, for as long as possible! Beautiful outdoor area, great for picnics, bbqs, relaxing in the spring, or just sitting to rest and read! There are a few places to eat including a nice restaurant with both indoor and nice outdoor seating area (fees: 50 AED and 100 AED for the vip area which includes tvs!), kfc, Hardees, Pizza Hut, there is also a Baskin Robbins for ice cream, and KRISPEY cream for donuts and hot drinks. Horse carts are available for rides around the area, and there are childrens’ play areas too. A good sized masjid is happily situated close to the entrance. Buses are available.. from the city I assume, to this place..

    The ground of the spring is VERY slippery so be careful! You will need a towel, something to sit on, a cushion is a good idea.. flip flops.
    Highly recommended place.

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