Bumble and bumble Super Rich Conditioner

Bumble and Bumble Super Rich Conditioner

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Bumble and bumble Super Rich Conditioner

Hair that is prone to frizz needs products that offer good control when there is moisture in the air.  In climates similar to the United Arab Emirates, where humidity levels decrease as winter approaches, products that suit the hair in the summer may not bring desired results when it’s cooler.  This is partly why I regularly alternate my hair products, and it was easy for me to notice that Bumble and bumble Super Rich Conditioner works wonders – from the first use.

This product retained a no-frizz effect despite me being outdoors in a mildly humid atmosphere.  Unlike some hair conditioners I’ve used that advertise deep conditioning and end up weighing down the hair, this provided extra bounce.  It also managed to make my hair glossy with no residue.  The dreamy scents and funky branding of Bumble and bumble products have always appealed to me, and the lightweight packaging is convenient for travel.  With only 1 minute leave-in time, ‘Super Rich Conditioner’ is also great for busy bees!

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