Neos Lounge The Address Downtown Dubai Maliha

Neos: Stunning City Views @ The Address Downtown Dubai

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Neos Lounge The Address Downtown Dubai Maliha

There’s always something special about stunning city views, but Neos takes it 63 levels higher.  This Art Deco-inspired lounge at The Address Downtown Dubai is one of the few nightspots from which to admire Burj Khalifa and the beautiful vicinity of Dubai Mall.  If you sit by the sky-high windows at night, the stunning views take you way down below to the famous Dubai Fountains too.  Now that’s an unforgettable experience spanning all heights.

Easily accessible from Dubai Mall, an open-air walkway connects to the hotel via Galeries Lafayette, providing spectacular photo opportunities on approach.  After a long day’s shopping, this is the perfect opportunity to unwind in a chic atmosphere.

When the lift doors open at the final destination, you are stepping into a world of glamour.  With its sparkling crystal chandeliers and extravagant decor, Neos evokes glitz in a contemporary fashion and succeeds in being intimate at the same time.  Ideal for a lounge, the ‘funky house’ music was not ‘loud’ – I even managed to find a quiet spot from which to make an important phone call.

This is a must-see in Dubai, also recommended for those who have only 2 HOURS in the city.  Neos forms the perfect backdrop for client entertainment as well, where 5* service can be expected in an ambience that allows for comfortable conversation.  On that note, I must add that the seating was exceptionally comfortable and as such, far too easy to lose track of time.

Quite a tough decision choosing the cheese platter over the French oysters.  Always one more reason to return to Neos, n’est-ce pas?

How to reach Neos:

The many ways to reach Neos also give it an edge over other popular lounges:

  • Neos has its own valet parking, so next time you visit, just go straight past the main lobby and take a right to reach the entrance.
  • If arriving from Dubai Mall’s restaurants by Dubai Fountains, head to the stairs leading to the hotel lobby.  Pass the reception, find the lift on its left and go to the 4th floor.  From there, turn right to reach the special Neos entrance, which conveniently has its own lobby.

Neos Online Reservations & Hotel Contact: +9714 436 8888

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