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Danat Al Ain Resort Review – My Experience at this Super Hotel

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Danat Al Ain ResortDanat Al Ain Resort Review: If you live in Dubai or are visiting the UAE, it’s a good idea to consider Al Ain as a destination for your UAE weekend getaway.  Not only is it a haven for rest and relaxation, it is a perfect escape whether you’re in the UAE or contemplating a few days from home.

Once you step into Danat Al Ain Resort, it might strike you as a quiet place – the way the hotel is designed makes for peace and quiet throughout the hotel. You are going to have a very relaxed time here.

Perfect Day

A perfect day at the resort starts with the fabulous breakfast or late lunch: you could probably order room service all day due to the amazing service and comfort of the room, or decide to waltz on down to the restaurants, where you’ll not only be greeted with an equally fabulous smile, but experience an exquisite menu and rather delicious dishes.

Go Enjoy

At your own leisure (it’s tempting if you have a view of the pool area) a lovely workout in the gym will top off your day – and I highly recommend use of the cold plunge pool when you are up to it!

If you love a good massage, you would be in great hands too.  The hotel sports a full recreation area, complete with tennis court, so prepare in advance if you would like to make maximum use of your time in such a wonderful place.

Have Fun on Holiday

Do bring your swim attire as the Olympic-sized pool is a breath of fresh air for swimming fans – at over 40 Celsius the temperature-controlled pool felt cool enough for a few laps.  Following your dip in the pool, soaking in the sun will feel like a breeze if you manage to find one of the hammocks free next to the many sunbeds – they are a lot of fun and it’s utter bliss to relax in the sun and soak in the atmosphere in one of them.

It’s such a lovely place to enjoy and explore, and even in the evening when it’s time to unwind, a leisurely stroll in the gardens won’t go amiss – the stillness of the green amongst the desert is an experience not to be forgotten.

New and Beautiful Hotel Design

Anybody who was a fan of the hotel feel and design previously would not be disappointed.  The main areas including the lobby have been jazzed up in a subtle way, retaining the old feel but clearly upgrading the interior to appeal to more modern tastes and times.

Additionally, the gorgeous bathroom design has been retained – decked out in marble, it is still a perfect size and aspect of layout.  For those that appreciate details in hotel design and a little dose of nostalgia, it was a wonderful reminder of old day glamour and retro style.

Why I love this Al Ain Hotel

Staying at Danat Al Ain Resort gives you a feeling of being refreshed and rejuvenated at the same time.  I observed the resort team giving utmost importance to each guest, whether they appeared on business, single or with family – it is this type of attention that makes a hotel truly 5*.

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